My thoughts on fortnite


I've been playing Fortnite since season one and each season it gets progressively worse. We have to star from the beginning of the game. Fortnite season 1 was honestly ground breaking. The building mechanics, to the cartoonish vibe, to the easily identifiable ranking system, it was something new and refreshing. It made a splash in the battle royal scene not only because of the mechanics named, but it was free. The competitors are asking for 30 or 60 out the box, while fortnite only charges for skins. (the skins I will talk about later)  Then season two and three upgrades were heavily added to the map. New added locations, better guns, skins, and updated graphics were significant during this season. The only thing that hurt me was getting rid of double pump but I agree with everyone when they say it was over powered. Then came season 4, season 4 had a lot of great things added like the live event at the end of season 4 but that was it. The shotguns became broken which led to a lot of frustrating gameplay. It went from almost a automatic 250 headshot with a pump, to 8s and sometimes 40s. The shotguns were just horrible and if you were using an auto shotgun you were done for. Then season 5 was the smg epidemic. If you were not using a smg in close quarter battles then you were dead. It would melt through materials and people with ease and before they patched it up, no one would use a shotgun. Season 6 is okay it had the best live event to date and fortmares which added zombies to the game. It made game play more hectic and made you rely more on gun skill then building. The only mistake they made was adding glider redeploy in regular mode which made it easier to transvers the map, but harder to watch you back. The constant best thing are the skins. The John Wick, Dark knight, and tons of other skins are legendary. They always had interesting skins week after week. This is part of the reason why fortnite has an edge on other games. It also has an edge because it is  free lol.   From the shotguns, to broken building mechanics, to tons of other things. I think that in a few more updates it will be unplayable. How do you think Fortnite is comment below.


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