What happen to Halo?

What happened to halo? The halo series has produced timeless videogames year in and year out. It made the Xbox and Xbox360 consoles what they are and what they were. Each Halo game 1 through 3 and Halo Reach was one of the best selling on the Xbox or Xbox 360 consoles.  Halo changed the console gaming scene and revolutionized gaming forever, but all this success was created by Bungie. When Bungie announced it was moving away from Halo and would continue to work on different projects the problems started. Halo 4 was going to be shipped out with the new Xbox One. The new developer of Halo was 343 Industries. It was a group of new developers with some old staff from bungie. It was going to be there first game every and honestly it was okay. They went with a more edger, sharper, and more retro design which rubbed some die-hard fans the wrong way. They also added all new character designs for everyone on the Halo roster. It improved on the forge, but struggled in multiplayer.  These changes and lackluster story led to a decent game from 343 Industries, but did not live up to Halos standards. Then Halo 5 came around. It was bad. It was really bad. The reason it was bad was false advertisement and bad delivery. The commercials built up hype to something that was nowhere close to the actually campaign. When the campaign debuted people were furious because of the false advertisement. Then it did not help that it was the shortest campaign to date.  This made the somewhat of a struggling franchise hit rock bottom. Halo 5 sold barley more than Halo CE in its opening. That’s not a lot by todays standards, but the real reason why halo has struggled is because of no innovation. Yeah, they redesigned stuff and added more the forge, but the key components of the game they did not improve on.  It made a lot of the true halo fans flustered and not invest as much time and money. The driving force of Halo was the community.  Once they felt like they were betrayed a lot of them turned their backs and some never came back. I honestly think that 343 Has good intentions but they just don’t know how to deliver it. If they do not figure it out by Halo 6 though, it might be too little too late.



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