The best console of the last generation?

The best system of the last generation was the Xbox 360 in my opinion. The Wii and PS3 had sold entries throughout its lifespan, but nothing compared to the Xbox 360.  The last generation the Ps2 absolutely destroyed the original Xbox in sales. The Ps2 also broke several records for the best-selling system. The Xbox did beat the GameCube but it just wasn’t enough to beat the ps2. The Xbox 360 decided to go all in with its console and games. The hour glass design was something new and special. It was way different from the cube or box look from the last generation of consoles.  The Xbox 360 choose to go with a new color scheme of white and gray, instead of the black and green look of the original Xbox. The game to kick off its new campaign was gears of war. It was a phenomenally new game and gave a new direction in the genre of third-person shooters.  It also produced Halo 3 one of the greatest games of all time. They also had another great game in Forza which helped catapult it into the lead with better over all games during this generation. Not only were they have some of the best exclusive games to date at the time, they also had exclusive deals. They had the deal with call of duty were all DLC was available a day or days before ps3 or the Wii.  This gave it a competitive advantage against the competition because the hottest thing during this generation was call of duty. They also had smaller entries that were fun game and widen the horizon for the Xbox 360. For example, castle crashers, crackdown, left 4 dead, dead rising, and fable. There are tons of others games of could have added but those included were the best-selling games on the consoles. These games out most ps3 titles. They sold close to 2 to 3 times more copies of there exclusive game then ps3. The Wii actually at the time was also doing better then the Ps3. The Wiis introduction of the motion senor remote took a blaze in the market. The other downfall of the ps3 was the price it was a way higher price than the Xbox. The launch of the Ps3 also had lackluster games which held it back also. The only incentive to buy the ps3 was for the backwards compatibility with ps2 games. The Xbox overall won that generation battle hands down, but what do you think the better console was comment your opinion?     


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