My thoughts on Madden

EA sports madden really is a horrible game. I’m not just saying this to bash the game and nitpick on it, I’m truly concerned on the direction this franchise is taking. I say the turn in bad gameplay happened in Madden 17. The new engine in madden really improved the game and it took slow and repetitive animations and replaced them when smooth more realistic gameplay. The fast players felt fast the slow players felt slow and everything was more balanced. Then they add the catch controls which were Run After Catch (RAC) which lets you run after you catch the ball, possession which makes the receiver get the ball and find the ground or toe tap for sideline catches, aggressive which makes the receiver go the ball in a certain direction. These three new catching abilities changed madden and was the biggest change it has had in a while. Then what ruined everything was Ultimate team.  Ultimate team is where you can acquire the best football players from any time and bring them together on one team. It was first introduced on madden 10. It was getting better and better until madden 15.  Madden 15 made ultimate team the absolute centerpiece of its game by monetizing everything in Ultimate team, while also making a super long grind for everyone else who was not buying packs. They give somewhat of a competitive advantage to player who pulled a lot of packs. The players who did not have the extra money were force the grind for the team. The past maddens were never like this and gave equal advantages to both of those parties. The next 4 maddens would revolve around the ultimate team mechanic leading to buggy gameplay year after year.  At first it was tolerable but this year in madden 19, it was awful. The game released broken. There was no denying it. Yes, every madden releases with bugs and glitches but in the end, they usually fix them very quickly. The biggest problem with madden from the jump was that everyone was slow. It felt like I was playing madden 07, everyone basically had the same speed and everyone could catch everyone. No not by taking an angle but simple running them down from behind. They eventually fixed this problem and turned everything back to normal but it really took a long time for no reason at all. The only reason they didn’t fix it faster was because of ultimate team and EA uploading new card every day.  I hope EA can turn it around and release a better game than madden 19. Let me know how you feel about madden in the comments.


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